All and Sundry Shows in 2022

Every year All and Sundry try and put on a broad range of shows to capture the the interest of our members and our wider audience. From Dazzling Pantomimes to gritty drama we hope there is something for everyone

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Crescent Theatre, Birmingham

Wed 09 Mar to Sat 12 Mar

The show was held over from 2021 dates due to the Covid-19 virus, information here is provisional. All & Sundry proudly present Shakespeare's masterpiece 'Macbeth'. Often referred to as 'The Scottish Play' such is the curse of the mention of the tyrannical, brutal and paranoid King of Scotland as his obsession with power descends him into madness. Three witches predict that a brave, heroic general named Macbeth will become king of Scotland thereby instigating a tragic and bloody chain of events. Acting upon the prophecy and encouraged by his wife, Macbeth slaughters King Duncan who at present resides on the throne and thus becomes King of Scotland fulfilling the prophecy. Once upon the throne he becomes a paranoid, tyrannical ruler who’s forced to commit more and more murders as he descends into madness.


John Edwards-Bick